Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aug 3, 2011

Dear Kids,

    Auntie Maria sent the video of the accident in China that it makes everyone of us to be extremely careful when we go to China or any of the third world countries.  The reason is very simple because all the third world countries are the developing countries where the value of human life is very low comparing to the first world country because the legal system is not complete or the administrators do not make it complete to show the power to control the people.  As we can see the hit and run in the video, nobody will care the accident because in the third world county, this is very common to the public.  Even though, the careless driver was caught by the police and the DWI driver might be released if his relatives or he knew someone in the legal department.  Therefore, the legal system is only a show to the public and there will be a lot of changes under the legal system in China.  In the third world country, the people do not trust the legal system because they know the legal system will be changed due to a certain conditions such as bribery or power to twisted around the fact.
    SO, what should we do in the third world country?  If you are doing business in the third world country, you need to have a good connections to the upper class people or high official in order to protect yourself if you need them in one day.  You need to learn the system of the countries such as the custom, transportation and business legal system so that you don't talk or act like a fool in the third world countries.  In the third world countries, there is no human right.  The only human right is the MONEY and POWER.  You can use the MONEY to bail yourself from the illegal activity in the business or others.  If you have power, you can change the bad situation to the good situation with the high official power.  Therefore, people in the third world countries only know how to make money without any mercy.  They believe that MONEY and POWER are everything to give them the high protection if there is something happening.  For example, if you are very sick in the third world country, you will be ill treated if you can't pay the high price to the Private hospital instead of the Public hospital.  The doctors in the third world countries do not have a liability if there is a mule practice.   The concept and the altitude are very difference comparing to the first world countries.  In the first world countries, all the legal system is perfect and the human right is strongly to protect all the human beings in this country.  Chong Chee's son in law sent me a email asking to set up a USA company for him so that he can sell his product in China pretending the products were manufactured in USA.  In China, if you want to a certain amount of business volume, you need to have this money to show the Government before you can go for this volume.  For example, I want to do a million dollar volume business company which we need to have a million dollars in the bank account to show the funding then; the commerce department needs to verify that you have this money in the bank before issuing a business license to you.  Unlike USA, you can registered a company by paying $150 and there is no restriction in the business volume.  I told his son-in-law that the business license is cheap when you compare the fee in China but the liability is very high because his products need to be passed the inspection of the US safety commerce department with warranty and guarantee protection for the product.  If there is the product is bad by some reasons, people can sue you for millions of dollars.  He started to understand the difference between the China and USA products.  One needs the warranty and the other one is not required because the concept of the life is different to each other.
     Coming back to the traffic video of China, how can you set a 8 lane in a city traffic. Chang Du is one of the large population cities in China which exceed 1 billion population.  Life for the people are very tough due to the high competition with the limited resources.  Cars are running crazy and there are not enough police force to take care the traffic because there so many things happened in a small city with high volume of population.  I still we are very lucky living in USA and Canada today because there are so many people in China are making USD100 per month and the price of the consumer product as high as USA and Canada due to the inflation.


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