Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aug 6, 2011

Dear Kids,

   Michelle and Duncan's wedding is just round the corner, therefore, all of you should get ready for it to enjoying it.  Ken and his wife should have the reply about the wedding because they need reserve the seat for you.  If you don't reply this week, they are not going to reserve the seats for your couple. Your reply is very important to them which you should understand it because it is a part of your credit in the future.  This is a small thing as it looks but people will remember what had happened.  You need to give a reply to people to confirm the basic politeness.
   Dealing with people is an art because it tells you how to survive in this society.  All the successful leaders know how to deal with people in a skillful way.  As what I mentioned before, if you know how to deal with people successfully, you are very successful in the future because you have done very well to control the people.  Wesley was sent to Iowa and NY for the summer because we all hope that he can learn the independent life.  Independent life style is for the people who know how to deal with the surrounding people and how to take care himself or herself.  Dealing with people is very important because you are supposed to be an actor or actress to show the people what kind of people you are.  Are you the shy and quite guy or girl? People or your friend will give a judgment to you and they will determine to deal with you for a long time or trying to forget you for good.  People will have a solid impression about your deed because your behavior, speech and gesture.  Therefore, you need to tell or show people what kind of people in this WORLD movie so that they will treat you as a kind, smart, ugly, poor, nice people as the time goes on.  We are living in this world for the people surrounding us otherwise, we don't need to care anything.  The world is controlled by a group of people who will judge your behavior and your level of classification.  Therefore, you need to define yourself carefully so that what kind of people will go along with you as well.


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