Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18, 2011

Dear All,
    My uncle told me when I was young that information is the most important thing for any of the business and schooling.  When I was in high school, we always tried to get the information from the previous examination and tried to understand the problem in the future examination.  We tried to read a lot of business books and watch the TV for the business channels in order to get more information to widen your business opportunities.  However, some of the members in the family are trying to reduce the communication with the outside world and this is very dangerous because you try to shut yourself into a black box.  You will go nowhere to put yourself into a dead end street. 
    Alex was telling everyone to delete whatever he doesn't like and some members are blocking a certain email from a certain way which is a very poor manner to deal with any of the information because today's world is information world.  After the high tech, our world is becoming smaller and smaller because you can sit at home to learn the whole world activity due to the internet.  A lot of people were losing their businesses because they have lack of information.  Most of the trading companies are closing down because all the trading are dealing direct to the source thru the internet system.
   Our family don't even know the HK Government is going to give out all the HK people who has the HK ID starting in August depending on the age.  Alex and were telling me that we don't have this and that to avoid the payment.  I can only give the information and you are the one to get the payment by yourself.  If you are the family of 4, you will get the money 6000x4= 24000.  It is a free money for 100 years and we never see this before.  How you can make it happen and depending on your ability.  Unfortunately, Ken and Wesley are not the HK citizen and I am considering to apply their status to both of you if you want. You can legally work in HK in the near future.  Pls. let me know your concern. 

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