Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Dear Kids,
    I had a meeting with my friend on Sunday and talk about a few things that are difference between Western and Eastern culture.
His name is Dan Freenp who was born in a upper level company.  He was sent to a private school when he was young and his father was a dentist and wishing him to become an attorney but he did not completely finishing his wish.  He studied a airplane mechanic and working in an army base in Japan for a number of years.  Now he is working for his friend whose name is Dan Larson who did not even complete his high school and he is a multi-millionaire now.  This friend grew up in a poor family and his father gave him a truck to move piano when he pass away.  One time, he borrowed USD 10,000 to buy a franchise to sell a truck and now he owns more than 24 dealerships in USA.   His father was asked him how did he know to run a dealership.  He told his father that I could hire the smart people to run it for me and he did.  He hires Dan for 60 years and he hires him 3 times and quitted 3 times during the 60 years of employment.  One time when Dan quitted the job and move to the Southern part of USA and Don invited all Dan's families members to the Southern part of USA and call Dan to join him for the dinner one night.  All the family members were so moved when they knew this dinner party was to hire his friend Dan back to his company.  This is how you deal with people.  
    I told Wesley that he needs to deal with the right people all the time if he wants to success.  You need to get into the right place and the right time to show you are at this level.  Popo was telling Wesley that to work in the restaurant which I don't think it is a good place to work because restaurant is the most complicated place to meet different people.  Most of the people were pick up the bad habit in the restaurant because they have no choice.  We should stay away from the restaurant business if possible.  Although, you can learn to meet a lot of bad and good people but you need to learn to set a standard for yourself all the time.  Girls are working in the restaurant unless they couldn't get a job.  In the olden days, Chinese opposes Girls working in the public area because they are very difficult to identify the customers are good or bad.  Some jobs need to be stay away such as bar and restaurants.
    Dan was working in a low class job because his father told him to remember the basic after the depression in USA and end up he is working in a low class job for his whole life.  I told Dan that you should be able to do much better with your education and family background.  He regrets and he knows that it is too late because that Don is the people who he is dealing for 60 years.  He devoices 4 times and messes his life.  
    Meeting the successful person is the right thing to do and if Dan met a good friend, he will be something else today.  If I had a choice, I would not work in the low class job because you will never meet a useful person.  People who meet you in the restaurant will know your poor family background immediately.  Birds with the same feather will flock to gather and this is the society we are in today.   Ken met the Russsian Professor and they are developing the world music CD now.  Time is important and you have no time to deal with the people who can't affect your life in the future.  Go with the rich and success.  Learn from the success and rich to put yourself to be one of them.  

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