Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19, 2011

Dear Kids,
I like to watch the Youtube of Wong Yuk Man about the legislative council of HK.  He is the fellow who represents the labor of HK and he always fights in the council to support the low level in HK.  His education background is Taiwan university and he tried to against the communist China all the time.  His arguments in the meeting was acceptable because he tried to reflect the HK community and the new Basic Law of HK.  I also like to watch the to make sure the update news in HK and HK Government is going to give out 6000 to all the HK citizens including all the people who move to the other countries.  They also give a date to register all the name and the money will be sent to their account without any problem.  Grand mother will registered according to the age.  There is a lot of people who like to get into the registration by web site in HK.
   It means the information is very important no matter where you are because information is the most valuable things such as someone can give you the 6 number of the Lottery, you will be fine.  In school, people can give you the test information and you will pass the examination.  Some good friends can give you the job position, you can get a good job.

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