Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

Dear Kids,
      Wesley called me that he got the internship job in NY and starting on Friday in a financial company which is the subsidiary of the insurance company.  It is a good start for him although they are not paying for the student to learn in the office as what Andy started his Government job as a message boy and Wesley will work in a legal department as a message boy.  He will find out he likes the accounting job after working in this company.  He is so excited to be the one in this company.  Wesley should be very smart as a student so that he can learn from the job and also he can learn from the people.  In NY, everyone moves so fast to follow the pace of the society so that you would not leave behind.  Alert and smartness are also important to react people from the people. 
     Wesley should learn how to ask questions so that people know you have the feed back from your job and never tell your boss in the last minute that you couldn't do this and ending with disaster.  Therefore, the communication in the job is very important to let people know you are in the same pace of the task with the other people who are in the same project.  Remember, you need to ask questions whenever you are no sure the answer because in the business world there is no excuse for any of the mistake for the company to hire you as a staff.   A tiny mistake might be people would give you the warning and the big mistake would be very dangerous for the whole project after accumulating the smaller issues together.  
     We should take this opportunity to thank Yvonne to let Wesley know this opportunity in NY and Good luck to Ken, Wesley and anyone in the job market now !


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