Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011

Dear Kids,
   This morning I went to Life Time Fitness to have a good swimming.  I found out that the I could only complete one trip starting from the beginning of the pool.  When I was young, I could swim from one side of the beach to the other side of the beach and did not feel tired.  Swimming is one of the best exercises because your whole body is moving.  After swimming for a 15 minutes, I went to have a good Spa where the water temperature is about 90 degrees to release all your tight muscle.  Due to your tight muscle after a day's hard work, this is the place to relax and forget all the trouble.  After the Spa, I'll go into the steam bath in order to drive all the sweat out of my skin to make sure 100% release all the trouble and relax in a good mood.
    Sometimes, I'll do the push up and weight lifting to improve my muscle strength.  The muscle strength is very important especially in North America because you need to do the heavy work such as mowing and car wash etc.  For my age, I need to be very careful about my health because the metabolism becomes very slow comparing to the young age.  Some of the people were doing very heavy exercise and got a stroke or suddenly passed away very easily.  I am glad Ken is practicing t he Kung Fu and this is the best exercise to train your whole body into skillfully strong.  It means you can train your body into a very highly alert mode.  Wesley is starting working in a YMCA in NY for the kick boxing which is a good exercise for him to protect himself in NY because the environment in NY is very complicated.
   Yvonne and Wesley are living in a same town in NY.  They can take care each other and hope Yvonne can come to Minnesota one day to see how the country side of USA.  Ken and his wife are welcome to come to visit if possible.  We will join Michelle and Duncan's wedding and hope Ken's couple will come as well.

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