Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28, 2011

Dear Kids,
    The time is changing and if you are not following the trend, you will behind the game.  IBM and Digital are the computer Kingdom in the early 60's and 70's.  They never believed anyone can go over their technology and power in the early 80's.  My first project after I graduated in the university was testing a computer of Microsoft technology.  At that time, the computer company was working a joint venture project of USA and Japan for the personal computer.  The last year of university, we were still using the punching card for the IBM with the connection of the Digital front end.  Every time, we tried to test the computer program, we need to wait for 24 hours to get the result back in order we can correct the errors (Bugs).  However, Microsoft was trying to develop a personal computer to put the front end (screen), the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the unit to interpreter all the program language into the real time application.  The printer is the output of the result of the report to fulfill the basic formula of the computer "Input --> Process --> output", requirements.
    After number of years, every family has at least one computer at home and the internet technology to connect the whole world together. Isn't the technology amazing to mankind?  Digital Corporation was closed down and IBM is still there because they have so many large applications running on the large CPU without any change due to the requirement of the large memory etc.   Due to the technology of Internet, people do not need to talk and meet people very often.  It makes people have the issues of meeting people in general.  Therefore, you need to establish a habit to meet people so that you will understand the difference of meeting people with the real conversation and the meeting in the Face book or Internet communication.  Meeting people is a difficult part of the new generation.  Unlike in the olden days, we need to meet people because there was no TV, telephone and lack of transportation so that you need to walk to somewhere to meet the people who you want to talk to.  The other way to communicate to each other is sending the mail which took a week or longer before one could talk to each other.
    You need to change yourself to meet the new things coming to the world otherwise you will behind the game.

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