Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011

Dear Kids,
    Wesley's friend was working for Mark Dayton while he was trying to elect as a senator after making a lot of money in the retail business in the last century in Minnesota.  The family would like their kid to get into the political world to gain more power and trust in their family in the future.  However, he tries to help poor people and fighting against the rich people.  He found out that he was opposed by the political party to oppose his budget approval for the coming Government Budget because there is 3.6 billion dollars short.  The whole Government organization was shut down last night and nothing is opened today in order to destroy his credibility as the result.  No Governor has shut down the Government in the history and he is the one who made the department shut down completely.
    What does he do wrong in this process?  It is because he does not know how to balance the budget as the fact.  He is a rich kid and he doesn't know the important of the money because he never worries about it.  Now he is representation the poor people to fight against the rich people to tell the rich people to pay more tax and so on.  One thing he doesn't understand that Mr. Ombama trying to help the poor people and end up his position would be unstable as a result because USA politicians are backed up by the rich and powerful business people such as General Dynamic which is the company to support the war high tech weapon to the Government authority.  If the high tech company making money, the president can make money because some Government officials are the partner of the war business.  If you can look at the past history of USA wars, most of the Government who supports the war will gain a lot of credit in his administration.  Otherwise, the president is in a big trouble.  Ombama suggested to reduce the miltary in Middle East and most of the people disagreed about his suggestion.  Therefore, it is very difficult for him to continue for the next term because his suggestion and his economy policy are completely failure due to the recession.  He is a Harvard Graduate and he thinks he is smart but in political world, there is no standard formula to win or loss.  It is another high level of knowledge.  Whenever, you want to get into the political, you need to be very because it is a different ball game.

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