Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011

Dear Kids,

    The place for the daily exercise known as "Life Time Fitness", this was built by an Iranian engineering because he saw the need of the club for American diet causing Americans gaining weight everyday.  He started with a small health club and getting all the people or his friends to join the exercising.  After a while, he found that there were a lot of people need to reduce the diet to do the exercise to reduce the weight as well as to reduce the pressure at work because the pressure in USA is high.  After knowing his concept is highly acceptable in USA, he built up a lot of clubs and getting the free land from the Government to tell them that the club is good for the nation.  He was duplicate the clubs and now he owns 1000 of them.  He put the club into the public company now.  His house is about 10 million in USA with the excellent concept.  Smart guy.  One of my friend knows him and I want him to introduce me and duplicating the concept in China if possible.
    Last year I had a friend told me to do the business in New Guinea which is next to Indonesia for wood business.  I told Tai Chi about that he told me that he did the business with this country for 11 years.  One of the thing he did very successful is the explore the mine nickel by helping China's mining company.  What are the next things we should do in this century is to find the energy and the things are never happened before.  So, test your IQ if you want to be rich and success!

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