Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20, 2011

Dear Kids,
   I missed the deadline of putting in the message a few minutes ago because the house temperature is 86 degree F.  It is very hot and I was driving the car without turning on the air conditioning because the thermostat is jumping up due to the temperature was 110 degree.  The air conditioning was over heated due to the internal and external temperature.  I came home late after going to execise for an hour therefore, I missed the daily conversation on the 20th of July.  The air is one and hope the temperature of the room will come down soon. 
   Heat wave in MN was killing 1000 cows in the last two days.  Therefore, I told all of you should be very careful to handle the heat wave because there are so many people are killed each year especially in the third world country because there are lack of air conditioning.  The best ways to handle it are as following: 1. Turn on the air conditioning to make sure the house is not over heated. 2. Avoiding to work under the sun such as lawn mowing etc. 3. Keep yourself into a shade area even you are swimming in the beach of the pool because the temperature is very different from 50 years ago due to the global warming. 4. Take some cold drinks such as ice water, ice cream etc to keep your temperature down to the normal.  5. Anything goes wrong, call 911 and go to the hospital immediately because there are so many taxi drivers were killed in HK due heat wave.
   Be alert!


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