Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011

Dear Kids,
     Summer is a beautiful season of the year.  However, so many people were hurt by the heat wave and causing them the skin cancer as well as stoke if they are not careful enough.  The lotion is very important to protect the skin so that the cancer can be prevented at least a certain percentage.  Many of us will forget the important of this because lack of knowledge.  I remember when we were young, one of our cousin took us to the seaside swimming.  He was chasing his girl friend; my sister and I were swimming without any protection of the skin.  After going home, both of us were hurt by the ultra violet light by the sun.  The skin were hurt and we recovered in a week's time.  It means that all the kids need the attention from the adult otherwise the terrible things might be happened.    
     Another things we need to be careful in the summer is that you should not work outside because you might get the heat wave that might kill yourself very easily.  Many of us are working outside without a proper protection from  the sunlight, you will easily killed by the over heated temperature especially under the humid weather.  Your whole system will be affected by the temperature and the heat will make you feel dizzy and sometimes will past away without any medical explanation.
    So watch out in the summer time as well!     

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