Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9, 2011

Dear Kids,
    I have just come back from the Ginseng farm which I think it is another success story of Chinese enterprise in USA.  The couple came from Taiwan and both of them are working in the agricultural department in the Government.  Both of them knew nothing about the farming industry and they learnt in the department about the soil in Wisconsin are suitable for the herb medicine Ginseng which are very populate in China.  They decided to work on this product by studying at home.  It is the most valued, revered and legendary medicinal plant found growing wild in Northern Manchuria and Northeastern USA.  It is a perennial plant, which stands 10-20 inches high with 2-5 clusters of a group of five leaves and a spindle-shaped root.  Small white flowers in summer are followed by red berries in the fall.  Panax is Greek for "Cure it all".  There are three types of Ginseng: American Ginseng, Chinese and Korean.
     This is the herb used by 1 billion of people all over the world everyday.  The owner of the farm gave us a simple seminar of the growth process of Ginseng.  It grows in the Wisconsin state where it takes a seven years to have a complete harvest cycle because it needs to set the PH value of the soil before growing the Ginseng by growing the yellow bean.  All the Ginseng crop need to be covered by the tent because they can't explore to the sun light and their light explosure is about 40% for the whole crop life cycle.  During the winter, the tents will be taken down to accept the cold weather.  It is a complicated process and take a long period of time to grow therefore, the price is very expensive due to the herb is nutritive for the human body.
     This is the website for the company, they are doing very well with the expansion to the SOuth East Asia. and the toll free number is 1-800-826-1577 for further information or order direct from the company.  Check it out if you are interested about it because there is a branch in Toronto.

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