Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

Dear Kids,
    There is another famous saying in China that you should be very careful while you are swimming because you can't control the water condition instead of in the land.  It means that if you are swimming in a sea, you might get drawn or killing by the shark or some other reason.  As a result, people can't even found your body and your body can be found if you are lucky.  When I was young, our family friend's son Mr Chung Shok Foo who did not listen to his parents instruction swimming in the Typhoon (hurricane) in HK and after a few days, his body was found.  This kid was very naughty if I can still remember what my parents told me as an example at that time.  If he was climbing mountain or going to picnic, he could have save his life instead.  It depends what kind of friend who he was dealing with.  If he knew a good friend, the friend would tell him that the weather was dangerous for any of the sporting and his friend might tell him to do the home work together instead of swimming in a rough sea to kill himself.  This is a true story from our parents when we were young.  His father was a partner in the bar business and there was a conflict in the business.  Both families never talked to each other until his younger son became a public company CEO of a medical product and Auntie Popo was talking to him because his company products.  He was so successful in the early 80's by selling the product all of the world and made his company became public.
    Nowadays, if you want to be successful, you need to turn your company into a public company.  It means you open all the opportunity to the public to become one of the investors in our company for you to run the business with a large amount of the capital.  This is the advantage of the public company and the disadvantage of this is to give up all the controlling power to the share holders.  This is known as "OPM" policy means Other People Money to run the business.  Most of the CEO starts with a successful business such as Best Buy CEO started in the basement to sell electronic appliances and now is one of the successful public company CEO.
   You need to know the direction and go towards the goal to make it success.

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