Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7, 2011

Dear Kids,
    One thing in this world is to find out the true friendship but it is very difficulty because when you are in school, most of the kids are your competitors.  When you are working in the society, you are the competitor in the society because they want to get promoted and making more money than you.  It is very bad if you don't know how to plan ahead or think a deeper way because this is the most important thing how to prevent yourself into a trouble.  Many people can give up their friends in the last minute because of the competition.  In the older days, if the fellow who was a good friend of his, the friend will quit the job together to show they are loyal to each other.  Nowadays, they will agree that we can quit together and when you quit the job, the fellow is still working or hoping to get promoted in your position instead.  Therefore, you need to be very smart in chooising friends because it is very hard to find someone who you can trust.  If you find someone who you can trust, you should keep it and you should value it as well.
     Summer is a reason that everyone would like to relax due to the temperature.  It is also easy to get the disease as well.  Therefore, watch out all the food and tap water so that to keep away the diseases.

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