Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26, 2011

Dear Kids,
   The summer is on the way to the hottest part in August very soon.  There are so many people planning for the vacation and we are planning to go to Michelle's wedding in September very soon.  Auntie Popo will be back to Toronto after taking care of Michelle in Edmonton.  She will tell the whole story about Edmonton for a year for sure so that people in Toronto will get more information about this province so that they can make a move if it is necessary when there is a good opportunity.  Michelle and her husband are leaving Toronto a few years ago to get a job in Edmonton.  As we can see that one of the characteristic of living organism is the locomotion which means that you go to the place where you can get the food or the job opportunity.  
   Ricky's friend's father who was a medical specialist in Toronto for a number of years and now moving to LA as the head department making 10 times more than Toronto.  He got the green card in 10 days because he is the special skill person in the medical field.  Wesley has been working in NY for more than a month and hope he can learn something in his job how to deal with things including the people and how to handle matter if there are suddenly happened.  Uncle Tony was given the power to fix the swimming pool and he was trying to find the cheapest price for the construction but he is lack of experience to handle the things like that.  Therefore, when the time he completes the construction, the weather will turn cold because he is lack of experience to handle the project lake this.  How to handle the things should be coming from your logical mind which will tell you the priority of step to complete the steps of the work order in sequence.  How to handle this type of project?  It is very simple.  The first thing you need to find out the project cost by calling a few people to come to the house to measure in order for them to give you the quote.  The second thing you need to find out the material of the vinyl lining that will give cost differently due to the material they are using.  The last step is to find the right contractor to complete the job and you need to find the good company for safety purpose.  We all remember that Uncle Tony was hiring a contractor years ago and causing the contractors came back to the house to steal all the valuable material.  Therefore, be smart and alert all the time.  This is a true story coming from our family. 

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