Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17, 2011

Dear Kids,
   Economic is a very important and tough subject.  As far as we can see, President of USA and Prime Minster of China are trying to balance the budget everyday to the nation how to get enough money for the nation to spend otherwise you can see the picture of HK riot on the day of First of July about 200,000 people on the street.  People in HK are simple because they are complaining about the HK Government can't balance the budget to satisfy the nation although there are ample of surplus.  Starting this August, everyone of the citizen can get the 6 thousand from the Government if they can prove HK identification with a bank account in HK.  I am lucky that I have both therefore, I can received the money after registration.
   Coming back to the problem of HK and there is a huge change after the China policy was involved because the people in China can go to HK without any restriction.  It is similar to the West and East Germany situation.  There are a lot of poor people coming to HK more than the rich people.  They are chewing up all the facilities in HK such as the medical system.  One of the recent issue is the ladies coming to HK to get the free medical for the laboring the baby in HK and at the same time, they will get the free HK ID as well.  Because of the influx of people to chew up the facilities, the Government will reserve the money to face the unnecessary change if there is one.  Housing market going up like crazy and inflation rate comes to the point of uncontrollable.  it should take sometimes to level it out; however, the Governor of HK is a very low education and he was trained base on the UK administration policy.  He doesn't know how to administrate the mixed Government situation and there are a few cases about the Governor making use his position to make money for his cousin, as a result, the Government is collapsed without any questions.  It is because no one trust the Government any more.  In any of the Government, people is the asset.  Losing the trust from the people, the whole Government will be failure without any questions.  This is another way of communist party to give a free choice to administrate HK and the result that people do not like it.  Finally, they might say that we better go back to the Mainland China administration which might be happened.

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