Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24, 2011

Dear Kids,
   When I was young, my uncle told me a story to eliminate the concept of superstition.  We all are afraid of ghost when we were young and we all tried to find out what is the fact behind the ghost story.  Once upon time, there was a old house where the rich people owned it for a long time and nobody would to get close because the people in this village believe there is a ghost in this house.  Every night, you could hear a piano music coming out from the house and this was one of the haunted houses in this area.
    A kid who was graduated in USA coming back to this village and wanted to find out what was the fact from the scientific point of view in the century back.  One night he took a touch with him and went to the house.  There was a music in the house and the light was on and off.  He went in an look at the piano and there was a mice jumping up and down in the key board to make piano to give out the music.
After checking the electrical outlet, he found out that the electric wires were broken causing the light on and off.  I remember this story very well because my uncle told me on the other way there was no ghost in this world and knowledge is power.  From that time on, I did not believe that there is a ghost in the world.

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