Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

Dear Kids,
    One fellow in MN would like to start a project called Real Estate Network which is a search engine like Google that can find all the properties in the world.  The fellow is known as Bob Atkinson who has been working in the real estate field for a long time.  He wants to use all his relation and hoping to develop this project in a low or no investment.  The problem is that he has been trying to raise the funding for a long time without any success.  The reason is that he doesn't have the business proposal and good connection.  The reason he wants to raise the funding, he can use the private funding who would like to invest to him for 30 million to let him start the project.  That is the  reason why he has delayed for so long.  What do we learn in this project?  If you can't do something, you need to limit yourself because this is very tough to break thru this obstacle due to lack of money.  Bob has been spending a lot of money and time to decide this project without any success because he doesn't know the limitation.
    You need to know the limitation and then you can do something that you can control easily.  Your success rate is very high.  We were told to raise funding for him to do it but this fellow never spent a penny to kick off this project therefore, we decide to give up helping him because we are not doing something for nothing.

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