Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Dear Kids,
    When I was visiting the Ginseng farm, there was a middle aged man sitting beside me in the whole trip.  He was telling me that he was from Taiwan and his father was very rich before the communist invade China.  They fled to Taiwan in 1949 before the door was shut down to accept more refugees from Mainland China due to the civil war.  His father was stupid enough to be cheated by someone before leaving China by telling him to buy the tickets for the ocean liner for him and after giving all the money to the fellow and the man disappeared.  His father was smart enough to know a high school teacher who taught him in the high school telling him to give him the identity to be a teacher and let him to have a passport to go to Taiwan instead.   Smart and stupid are two brothers.  You have to know when to use this in the right time to show you are alert and smart.
   I remember a movie of  second world war "Great Escape".  Two POWs (prisoner of war) were caught by the German soldier and they were successfully escaped from the prison.  When they reached the board of Germany and starting leaving with a bus.  The Captain was trying to check the passport to make sure all the people were the legal citizens in the travelling.  Everything went fine until the last minute, the captain telling the POWs that "Good Luck" in English because all the travelers supposed to be German citizens instead ; the fellow turned his head and replied in English "Thank You" although he couldn't speak perfect German while he was boarding the bus.  The captain order the guards to catch them and killed them eventually.  What we learnt in this case is to be very high alert in the new environment and anything can be happened out your control.     


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