Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28, 2011

Dear Kids,
    I have a client who bought a hotel a few years ago and he was an attorney in Korea.  When he first went to USA, he studied MBA and hope to return to Korea afterwards.  He did choose to stay in USA instead.  He worked in a financial company and layoff after working for a year because his English was bad comparing to his co-workers.  He did not look for a job instead of starting a cleaning business to sell his labor.  He started cleaning a small factory and later on he started getting the Government contract as a minority supportive group.  After getting the contract, he hired a lot of Korean worker to work for him and he only manage the cleaning business in the house basement.  His company address is a PO box in USA.  After working 10 years, he became a multi-millionaire.  He bought a Holiday Inn and the basic requirement to join the franchise of Holiday Inn is minimum requirement is 1 million dollar liquid asset and he got approved.
   After buying the hotel, he put in another 4 million to renovate the hotel because his brother is an engineer.  Now he is doing very good in the business.  When he wanted to buy this hotel,  told him not to buy because he got enough money to retire.  Therefore, the rich people will never thought about the retirement because there are a lot of dreams that they did not complete.  Mr. Lee Ka Sing in HK gets up early everyday at 5am to have a golfing for an hour before going to work.  Hardworking can make you young and alert all the time.

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