Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5, 2011

Dear Kids,
    After talking to Tai Chi last night, his kid passes the F7 (matriculation) examination which means the university entrance examination.  The standard of this examination is equivalent to the Advance level in USA and Canada.  He is planning to choose one of the colleges to study physiology or law in China University which they think it will be very useful in the near future.  Tai Chi told me that he was planning to send his kid to USA or Canada if he is ready to do it.  Since he passes the examination in HK, he would like to stay in HK to get the undergraduate instead.  It is a good news for him to do it.
    The most important nowadays is to find out the best way to get into the useful faculty because he believes this is a very high demand in HK which he will get pay for 30,000 per month after his graduation.   Professional faculty is very important for all the society because there are a limited spaces with the high demand after the graduation.  
    Good luck for him!

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