Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29, 2011

Dear Kids,
   Hope both of you have a good summer becuase this summer is bad to the whole world due to the recession.  Most of us today would like to go for vacation in order to relax after the stress life style.  Therefore, you need to know how to control our pace of our life.  Many years ago, our family in HK was arranging the singers in Taiwan to HK to sing in order to make money which was very smart at that time due to the supply and demand.  They were in entertaining business in one time.  In HK, it is a business world and all the businessmen need to know when is the best time to do a certain business to get the highest return of the investments.
   Wesley is working in a insurance company and a restaurant to learn more about the business as well as how to deal with people.  Ken is working with the Russian professor to get into the copoeration stage of the music technology for the piano world.  If both of you can learn more things to face the real problems for your business, this will be benefit to all of you.  I told Wesley before going to NY that he should ask questions if there is any questions because you should never pretend to know what you are doing which applies to Ken as well.  The company would like you to know everything in the company so that you can help to resolve the problem in the near future.  Hard working and learning are very important to both of you. 

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