Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011

Dear Kids,
     When I was young, I liked to destroy the toys to find out what kind of mechanism behind the theory of the toys.  One time, your grandfather bought the machine gun for me to play and it was very expensive one at that time because the salary was very low in the 60's.  After playing a few days, I broke the whole machine guns that was battery operated with a powerful electrical motor.  After breaking the electrical machine gun, I learnt two things from this project.  I knew the machine was running very powerful because of the powerful motor behind it.  The motor could reverse the direction of turning because of the magnetic field and electrical power that I learnt from the physics in my high school.  I also tried to talke out the motor and put it on the wood as a motor boat so that this could be part of the side project which I learnt from this project.  My parents were very mad about that they gave me a nick name of "T of destroyer" which was very bad.
    It might be a very expensive to learn the physcis theory by breaking so many toys when I was young.  It might be a part of the learning process.  When the time went by,  I also created a simple manual mechanical car by putting the wheels under the board so that I can sliding down from the top of the slop and the steering was controlling by the foot.  The shape was like a cross broad.  The steering wheel was a horizontal so that we could control it very easily.   This gave me the basic concept theory of linear motion and fiction in the high school physics which was very helpful when I attended the class.  If someone could gave me the basic theory, I might graduate from the university at the age of 15 .         
     Nowadays, you can buy the model and puzzle to learn all this basic things are very easy.  However, you need to concentrate to learn this when you have a chance.  Unlike the olden days, you need to break the toys to find out the mechanism behind the fact.

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