Friday, July 8, 2011

July 8, 2011

Dear Kids,
     I would like to visit the Ginseng farm tomorrow morning and getting more information about the farm business.   It is in Wisconsin state and the Chinese has been running this business for a long time but I never have a chance to visit this business.  One of my friend was telling me that we should get into the food business because the food business becoming less and less due to the expansion of population everyday.  We need to find out the needs for this world and no doubt about it because we need to eat everyday.
     One of my clients who is from Cambodia and he is buying some seeds to the local farmers to grow all the food they can export to the other countries.  He is also growing the WaWA food which is very valuable for the market in Florida.  He has a house in Florida and Cambodia so that he can fly to either place to inspect the food.  I have another fellow who grow nuts and sell it to China because they rent the land in Cambodia only cast them a few hundred dollars a year per hectare which is so cheap.  There are so many ways to make money if you know how to play.  Money is everywhere as what I mentioned before.
    Yvonne and Wesley are working in New York and Wesley will come back to Minnesota in the middle of August.  We all hope they can learn something to be independent very fast.

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