Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011

Dear Kids,
     A few days ago, Warren Buffet mentioned that now is the time to see who can stand in the land after the tide.  What he was trying to say that the one who can still stand in the water is the one who had strong background to stay in the recession period.  It is true because so many people loss their jobs and businesses in the horrible recession in USA.  In Canada, the housing market going like crazy because Canada's economy depending on the external factors.  When I was in Canada, the properties were going up because of the unstable of the political situation in South East Asia such as 1997 that the British lose the political power HK.  Therefore a lot of rich immigrants were coming to Canada and USA to purchase the gas station and other businesses.   The housing market was high and the inflation was going up as well.  However, most of the local people were complaining about the inflation rate and the high unemployment rate due to the inflation because a lot of factories were moving out to the third world countries to reduce the cost due to the high rate of inflation.
    The inflation in Canada happened because of the external financial situation and this might affect the local property going up for a short period of time.  When the recession came in Canada, they had no enough factors to support the local economy like USA because USA have a lot successful world corporation to support the recession but Canada did not have it.  The good thing is that Canada is a socialism and the financial system is a very conservative comparing to USA, therefore, Canada did not get hurt too much in this world recession but the inflation goes to the sky high because all the money go to Canada due to the stable shelter.   The local people in Canada are suffering the high inflation and high unemployment rate.  The new graduates can't even afford the house because of the external factors.  What should the new graduates do under this circumstance.  They should watch out the expense and they also need to find the other way to make more income to match the unsecure economy situation because the external factors.
     Watch your budget and looking for the better opportunities with your eyes and ear open all the time.  The other important factors who you know and what you know.  Improving yourself all the time and meeting useful people because they might affect your life.   If you are meeting useless people, they might delay your progress and might be the whole life.  Watch out and alert! 

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