Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 10, 2011

Dear  Kids,
   The group of visitors of the farm are the people who come from the Taiwanese society.  They set up trip for the people who are interested about the background knowledge of this product.  This couple was trying very hard to learn how to grow this products to meet the high demand in the South East Asia.  They tried to grow this product at the backyard to find out the real story of this plant how to grow.  During the visit, they only told people the simple procedure to grown and the last statement what he told us was that you can't grow it by yourself because the procedure would be more complicated than what we mentioned in this seminar and we believe it is true.
   In this visit, we learn one thing that everyone's success must go thru a hard working to reach the destination.  There is no short cuts in any of the business because every success food print can be traced on the history path.  Good luck!

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